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Character Education Lesson Plans for Grades K-5! 100 LESSONS!

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Character Education Lesson Plans for Grades K-5! 100 LESSONS!

Character Education lesson plans are designed to provide an interactive way for young people to learn and practice character traits essential to developing the whole child. Students will enjoy learning about notable people of character in history and the present while developing traits such as honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty. 

Each Consult 4 Kids lesson plan is identified by grade level, lesson focus, and title. Materials you will need are listed—you will notice that we have tried to reduce the amount of paper and/or copies that you will need. The lesson itself has an opening (state the objective of the lesson and check to see what students already know), the lesson content (instruction/ demonstration, student practice, and taking advantage of “teaching moments); and the closing (review, debrief and reflections).

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$9.99 - Lesson Length: 30 Minutes
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Lesson Plan Details

Grade Level:
3rd Grade
Secondary Grade Level(s):
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Subject Area:
30 Minutes
Included Content:
Lesson Plans (Bundled), Worksheets, Activities
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Included Documents/Resources

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CE-05-M11-085-100_Things_Ive_Learned_So_Far_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M4-029-20_Years_From_Now_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M7-052-5_Nice_Things_Today_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M5-043-Who_Cares_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M5-037-Act_It_Out_5_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M8-060-Active_Listening_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M5-038-Caring_Around_The_World_Ryans_Story_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M2-013-Act_It_Out_2_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M7-056-Gratitude_Tree_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M9-070-Stop_Look_Listen_And_More_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M12-093-Act_It_Out_12_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M6-047-Good_Neighbors_ Portable Document Format
CE-12-M1-005-I_Have_A_Dream1_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M3-021-Boy_Who_Cried_Wolf_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M2-015-Follow_The_Role_Model_Leader_ Portable Document Format
CE-45-M1-004-Brush_Up_On_Respect_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M6-045-Citizenship_At_School_ Portable Document Format
CE-23-M1-006-I_Have_A_Dream2_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M5-041-What_Do_You_Care_About_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M9-069-Chain_Of_Proactivity_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M7-053-Act_It_Out_7_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M5-042-Whats_Your_Point_Of_View_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M4-030-Everyday_Fairness_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M7-054-Expressing_Gratitude_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M6-046-Everyday_Citizenship_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M6-044-Campus_Improvement_Project_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M7-057-Thank_You_Notes_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M7-059-Why_Is_Gratitude_Important_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M2-014-Finding_Local_Heroes_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M8-066-What_Do_Feelings_Look_Like_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M8-061-Bouncing_Back_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M7-055-Giving_To_Others_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M8-064-Walking_A_Mile_In_Someone_Elses_Shoes_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M11-088-I_Am_Curious_About_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M11-089-Interview_A_Peer_ Portable Document Format
CE-23-M1-011-Respectful_Role_Play2_ Portable Document Format
CE-05-M2-016-Mapping_It_Out_ Portable Document Format
CE-12-M1-008-I_Like_My_Neighbor_ Portable Document Format


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