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Write Equations to Solve Word Problems - 4.OA.3

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Write Equations to Solve Word Problems - 4.OA.3

The learner writes equations to solve progressively more difficult word problems - NCCS Math 4.OA.3.

Use as a component of a lesson introducing or reinforcing order of operations.  Could also be used as differentiated guided or independent practice.

Suitable for smartboard, projector or pad.

Objective - Write an equation based on the word problem and solve it following the order of operations.

NCCS Math 4.OA.3

Contains worksheet and answer page.

FREE - Lesson Length: 45 Minutes
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Lesson Plan Details

Grade Level:
4th Grade
Secondary Grade Level(s):
5th Grade, 6th Grade, Middle School
Subject Area:
Operations And Algebraic Thinking
45 Minutes
Included Content:
Fourth Through Seventh Grade Math, Math, Arithmetic, National Common Core Standard 4.Oa.3, Word Problems, Equations, Translate Word Problems, Operations And Algebra

Common Cores

Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations, including problems in which remainders must be interpreted. Represent these problems using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity. Assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding.

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solvewordproblems4oa3 Portable Document Format
solvewordproblems4oa3 Portable Document Format


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