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Verb Handouts (pres, past, irreg, ser vs. estar)

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Verb Handouts (pres, past, irreg, ser vs. estar)

Some of the most valuable items in my Spanish classes are these handouts.  The students use these lists ALL YEAR to help them write and be creative in their assignments and projects.  I cannot tell you how many times during the year I tell my students, "Por favor, saquen los verbos regulares...," or "Saquen este papel" (and then I hold up the past tense handout/guide).  We use these CONSTANTLY!  You will love them.

These are DONE for you!  There are four sheets for you to download.  Just print them off, three-hole-punch them, and have your students place them in their three-ring binders (if you use those).

$2.99 - Lesson Length: 5 Minutes
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Written by senorward

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High School
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Foreign Language
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5 Minutes
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Spanish Verbs, Spanish Grammar, Conjugation

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