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Sequencing "Swimmy"

Use this product to sequence the story “Swimmy”© by Leo Lionni.  First, copy the word fish or the picture fish based on what you want your children to use.  A pattern to trace on a large piece of construction paper (12x18) is included.  Read the book to your students and then discuss as a group.  Students will then color and cut according to your instructions.  Have children glue the fish in the correct order on the large fish.  When finished, they can retell the story from either the pictures or words.  I use blue construction paper and have the students draw the rest of the sea “habitat” using colored chalk.  (Sidewalk chalk works fine.)  This works well as a whole group activity, for a small group, or as a center.

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1st Grade
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Reading - Foundational Skills
30 Minutes
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Sequencing, Reading, Balanced Literacy, Literacy Centers, Ell, Esl

Common Cores

Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding.

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