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Selling Out the Kids An Expose on the Advertising Industry Grades 6-8

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Selling Out the Kids  An Expose on the Advertising Industry  Grades 6-8

“From the cradle to the grave” is the target of many advertisers. Students will watch commercials with new eyes as they begin to take commercials apart and see how image, sound, emotion and more manipulate society.  10 -12 week Project Based Learning Unit.

 On a quest to educate younger students or have a voice against corporate greed, this unit provides students with a vehicle to gather information, organize and present it through graphic arts and oral presentation. Students will have the opportunity to further develop twenty-first century skills as they problem solve, communicate, and collaborate.

This unit comes with all primary resources but allows for resources of your own. Instructional practices and the theories behind the practices are included as well. Finally, the unit includes simple, yet effective rubrics for the teacher to easily assess the students learning. All GoTeachGo's Project Based Learning units are surprisingly adaptable to meet the needs of your individual classroom, and align with the Common Core Standards.

  • Art
  • Health
  • Language Arts
  • Publishing
  • Science
  • Social Studies
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Grade Level:
Middle School
Secondary Grade Level(s):
6th Grade
Subject Area:
3 Months
Included Content:
Lesson Plans (Bundled), Lectures, Worksheets, Activities, Handouts, Homework, Study Guides, Assessments (Quizzes, Tests, Etc.), Posters, Bulletin Board Ideas
Project Based Learning, Pbl, Homeschool, Art, Health, Language Arts, Publishing, Science, Social Studies

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