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6th Grade, Middle School, High School
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My Lesson Plans

Multigenre Writing

Multigenre Writing

Using different types of writings to create masterpieces. 
$0.99 - Lesson Length: 5 Hours
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Find Someone Who

Find Someone Who

$0.50 - Lesson Length: 20 Minutes
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Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Using Learning Styles to enhance study skills
$0.50 - Lesson Length: 30 Minutes
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My Education

TypeFieldOrganizationStart DateEnd Date
Masters DegreeEnglishCollege of the Mainland07/01/200408/10/2011
Masters DegreeEducationUniversity of Houston-CL07/01/200008/01/2011
Masters DegreeEnglishDickinson ISD07/01/200207/01/2004
Bachelors DegreeEnglishClear Creek ISD07/01/199907/01/2002
Specialist DegreePsychologyEmotional Intelligence Certified07/01/200507/01/2011
Specialist DegreeEnglish Language LearningDevelopmental Education Specialist07/01/200507/01/2011
Graduate CertificateEnglishAppalachian State University07/01/200507/01/2011

My Schools

NameFieldOrganizationCityStateStart DateEnd Date
College of the MainlandAssociate ProfessorAcademic SucessTexas CityTexas07/01/200407/01/2011
Univ. of Houston-CLTheory & Pedagogy EducationHoustonTexas07/01/199907/01/2011
Texas A & MPsychologyEmotional IntelligentKingsvilleTexas07/01/200507/01/2011
Dickinson ISDEnglish Pre-APEnglishDickinsonTexas07/01/200207/01/2004
Clear Creek ISDEnglish At-RiskEnglishWebsterTexas07/01/199907/01/2002
Galveston CollegeInstructorEnglish GalvestonTexas08/15/200908/15/2010